Why Did God Create The Tree Of Good and evil If He Didn't Want Man To Sin

I keep wondering why did God even create the tree of life in the garden of Eden in the first place if He didn’t want man to sin..

Some say its intentional… if it is, why was He so displeased to the extent of placing a curse on them…

He created us as man.. not as gods or heavenly creatures.. so of course he was easy and prone to falling for temptation.. so I assumed He knew from the start while creating him, that man would fall by eating the forbidden fruit…

so why bother creating it and then cursing man when it is believed He knew he would fall.. (that’s the part that makes it look unfair) .. its similar to setting a concealed trap right in front of us..

I’m confused honestly ..

contributions are welcome


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7 months ago

Create this scenarios in your mind’s eyes. Am your Mum, sovery rich. Everything you want you can get, I have a mansion which you live in it with me. One day i call you into a room empty, I mean nothing to eat in it, and then I give you an instruction saying, “Am going out my son, see that you touch nothing in this room till I return. Remember, it’s an empty room, and am telling you not to touch anything. What’s is there to touch? Again, I am your parent, am very wealthy. You of course is my… Read more »

7 months ago

I asked my aunty this question when I was young and she told me that God made it clear to them that they must not eat from the tree of good and evil… and that by so doing he gave man “will” to choose to do that which is good or bad, obedience or disobedience.

It goes to show that God did not create slaves because he gave us “freewill”

What do you think?