What are things everyone does but no one admits to doing?

Yeah we all do these things but no one want to/like to admits he/she does them.

So what are those things we all do but no one has ever admitted doing them. These are some i could think of:

1. Seeing a random person and imagining spending the rest of your life with them.

2. Farting in a crowded place and pretending someone else did it.

3.  Over-thinking conversations after saying goodbye.

4. Prick reset:  Adjusting your inner wear. Sometime it really becomes necessary to keep the things at right place.

5. Judging people on the basis of what they wear and look like: Our mind automatically makes some impression about someone just looking at their appearance. What do you think about the same guy in two different outfits.

6. No matter your age or academic level, if there is a roll call in a class you prepare yourself mentally , so that you don’t shout stupid when you name is called.

7. Farting loudly when no one is around.

8. Peeing in the shower: Suppose you are taking shower and you suddenly realize that you need to attend the nature call. Are you going to get out and pee. Hell NO. You just do in the shower.

9. Watching PORN  : 99% of people who handles smart phone does this.

10. Taking a look at a guy/lady you find attractive.

Add yours in the comments


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2 years ago

Playing over a conversation in their head again after it has already happened, just this time imagining something smarter that could have been said.

2 years ago

Talk to ourselves… we all have that inner voice

2 years ago

Trying not to appear jealous in a relationship. Hahahahaha.

2 years ago

Being a hypocrite. It’s a terrible insult no one wants to be called but if being a hypocrite is saying one thing and doing another; everyone does that.

What do you think?