What are the really small things that tell a lot about a person's psychology and personality?

  1. The speed of eating — fast eaters are ambitious, go-getters and impatient. Slow eaters are one for patience and savoring life’s pleasure.
  2. Response to insults — people pleaser if they accept every insult, insecure if they get super-defensive, confident if they joke around it.
  3. Ability to express emotions — people who can’t talk about their feelings have an unhealed traumatic history.
  4. Showing anxiety physically — people who do repetitive behaviors like biting-nails, tapping foot tend to be perfectionists.
  5. Behavior towards better people — if they talk with the contempt towards someone better than them, they feel threatened and jealous.
  6. Who they talk about in a conversation — low self-worth if they deflect questions about themselves. Narcissistic if they can’t stop talking about themselves.
  7. Ability to take a joke — the easier it is to offend them the bigger the ego and lower the self-esteem they have.
  8. When pointing out their mistakes — big ego if they get offensive, victim mentality if they blame it on others, humble if they can accept.


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6 months ago

The way a person treats those with less power than them is probably the best judge of character you can use. Could be anything from how they treat a waiter that made a mistake to whether they think people with less money are less deserving of respect. People who only show respect to those who have power over them are generally human garbage

6 months ago

If someone you’ve just met tells you their whole life story, run.

6 months ago

The hand shake. A man with a weak handshake is no man of integrity.

6 months ago

The way they drive, how courteous they are to others on the road usually translates into their social personality.

6 months ago

Eye contact. Those who can’t maintain it are prone to being shy and less confident type.

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