Share Your Experience After Marrying Without Your Parent’s Consent

Before creating this topic, I tried to search on internet to see if there’s something similar to this but I couldn’t find. The nearest I found was advices on how to go about things when your mom and dad object to your marital decision.

I’m currently at a crossroad in my marital decision. My father doesn’t want me to marry my love because of her father’s behaviour.

This is not a unique issue and I know many people have faced something similar to this in the past.

I know all the advices but what I want to know experience of people who have gone ahead despite their parents’ disapproval.

If you have gotten married without your parents’ consent, what was your experience? Can you kindly share thought, so everyone can learn?


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8 months ago

You are wrong not in most cases.i will marry if my parent’s disapprove my partner for no reason simple.

8 months ago

It is better for you to stop that marriage if you wants to enjoy your marriage and live long life. What an elder person can see why sitting down a child can never see it even if the child climbs the highest mountains in the world.

What do you think?