My Brother In-law Is Cheating On My Sister, Should I Tell My Sister?

I accidentally checked on him on the phone(Having sex conversation) with another girl.

Should I tell my sister about it?


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John ferdinand
8 months ago

I think your sister knows already. You are saying, your brother-in-law had physical contact with a prostitute openly in-front of you. That likely to be that he doesn”t care about your sister finding out

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8 months ago

That expectation you’re hanging to is going to hurt you REAL terrible. A few people can dive completely into a relationship and still leave it. They like the relationship benefits without the responsibility.

8 months ago

He is already talking about breakup? He is telling you he doesn’t want to be serious relationship again, take that as your cue to leave.

Why invest energy and time on someone who doesn’t want or feel the same as you?

What do you think?