How would you cure the religious mentality in Africa specifically in our Country?

If Henry Ford were an African, the whole world would still be riding the exact and same 20-horsepower T-Model that Ford built in the year 1908.

There would be no Ferraris, no Cadillacs, no Toyotas, no GMCs, no Lambos,   — if Henry Ford were an African.

The average African does not question things. We are too polite, too respectful it is almost moronic. Most of us cannot even dare to use the very brains we were given to ask ourselves, “Does God really exist?” Too scared to deal with the possible outcome of questioning things.

That’s the root of the problem. It is deep. You can then see the symptom manifest in politics, technology, religion, economy, family  etc. I can go on and on about this for days.

“Shut up, he is a Senator!”

“Keep quite, Kofo is your older sister, you must not argue with her.”

“Ah No, do not say that about our daddy in the Lord. He is a man of God.”

Another illustration:

European Michael: “Hey Emeka, don’t you think we should work on improving the brake system of the Model-T into an automatic?”

African Emeka: “Michael my oyinbo friend, that is how people have been riding the Model-T since I was born. All that one you are talking about is unnecessary luxury. Just leave it like that, it works. Our Mazi (Chief) Henry Ford was an elderly wise man. If something needed to be improved in the Ford Model-T, who else would have known better than he himself?”

More Model-T’s for everyone, please!

And by the way…


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