How much is it likely to cost me to run a radio commercial jingle?

Overall, to have a television and Radio broadcast run a notice, individually?

Additionally, if I somehow managed to decide to utilize a big name on normal once more, what amount of extra would that cost me?


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Nadia Thomas
6 months ago

It depends on what you want… Their different prices for different timing and season…
Jingle(60seconds) is between #5k-8k depending on the station.

6 months ago

Adverts rate differs from Station to station. This is as a result of TAMS & RAMS (Radio and Television Audience Measurement Survey.) All you need is knowing who your targets are and which Radio or TV Channels to reach them.

Secondly the stations charge based on time. Is it 15 seconds, 30 seconds or Sixty seconds.

6 months ago

The cost of commercial jingles depends on various factors:
(1) The radio station: depending on the
coverage area
popularity and customer base
competitive rates

(2)The Jingle duration (mostly 15 secs, 30 secs, 45 secs or 60 secs)

(3) The Time (Morning, Afternoon, Evening)

For example as at 2012, base on the above criteria
Authority FM Nnewi charges between N6,500 to N20,000
Cool FM Abuja between N1,500 to 8,5000
Brilla FM Onitsha N1000 to N4000

What do you think?