How many villages are there in Onitsha?

A lot has been heard about this popular Eastern Nigeria city Onitsha, so I want to know how many villages are there in Onitsha?


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Mr cyprian
Mr cyprian
8 months ago

Onitsha is a city in Anambra state and it consists of 9 villages, also known as Ebo Itenani.

These villages descendants of the progenitor Umuezechima comprising Isiokwe, Olosi, Umuezearoli, Okebunabo, Obikporo and Ogbeotu which claim origin from Igala in Kogi state, Awada (Ogbeozoma), Obamkpa comprising Umuasele, Iyiawu and Odoje Ndugbe and Odumegwu Gbuagu, Ubulu na Ikem, Ulutu, Ubene, Ogboli Eke, Obior and Ogbeotu. Within these groupings, there are six administrative wards namely Okebunabo, Umuezearoli, Ogbeolu, Isiokwe na Ogboli Olosi, Obamkpa and Eke na Ubene.

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