How could the Nigerian economy be improved?

The update investigates the development of efficiency in Nigeria and recognizes the approaches and establishments which can help quicken Nigeria’s financial extension and make new position opportunities. what are the need zones that would establish the framework for Nigeria’s change to another monetary model that all the more successfully utilizes its enormous, youthful populace and bountiful natural resources to help practical development and destitution decrease?


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6 months ago

Nigeria is going to struggle to make much progress as long as it continues to send 2 of its greatest assets abroad whilst getting nothing in return. Those assets are, firstly, the financial wealth stolen by corrupt politicians and, much more importantly, its best brains. Over the past decade or so, Nigeria has made efforts to tackle corruption. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) might sometimes be used by the president as a weapon against his political enemies, but it has had an impact. Transparency International attests that Nigeria has been getting steadily less corrupt with each passing year.… Read more »

Frank G
6 months ago

1. Build a Nigerian Gas Network.

2. That would make it easier to rectify the power issue.

3. Mandatory Government-subsidized health insurance.(+ free Anti-Retrovirals)

4. Reform Micro-finance laws to make it easier for SMEs to get funding.

5. Automate Civil Service processes as much as possible.

6. Reform Mass Transit.

7. Successful Prosecutions.

8. State-funded welfare scheme.

Muyiwa Suka
6 months ago

I disagree with most of the commenters here. Corruption is really just an excuse. The only way to improve living standards in the country is capitalism.
Key areas are:

Internet sucks, Logistics suck, Transportation, Power, what else?…well I’m sure you get the idea.

Get this single thing in place, then we can address another important issue:

6 months ago

Providing a constant and reliable Electricity will be the single most life changing action in the country!
Secondly is security, and that is also depended on the first!

Nigerians are resourceful and can do most other things themselves!

Nadia Thomas
6 months ago

Curb the population.

Become strict on fertility rate. There are too many people in that country!

What do you think?