Have You Ever Seen jazz or Juju In Action? Come In And Share Your experience

In Africa especially Nigerians seem to believe in the existence and use of supernatural forces popularly called Voodoo/magic/Juju/Jazz even though most of us only hear ‘dem say-dem say’ stories as we haven’t seen these things in action before.
We hear about how the babalawos/dibia make people run mad and all but most of us haven’t witnessed it before but believe it anyways and also people being kidnapped and killed everyday for money ritual, does it work, have you ask such a question? 
I asked a friend of mine last two days if he believes in efficacy of jazz and he replied “yes”. I asked if he has ever seen jazz at work live before and he said “no” but he sha believes in it

Has anyone ever used jazz in your presence before? have you ever seen juju at work with your korokoro eyes? person don appear and disappear for your front before? What make you not to use it? share your experience with us.


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2 years ago

Denying the existence of Jazz/Juju is similar to saying Air, Radio Gravity or Waves does not exist. Because you haven’t seen it, experimented it or experienced with it does not make it’s existence invalid. World we live in is bigger than our mindset can ever comprehensively fathom. A greater percentage of humans (including myself) do not know jack about the world around us. We have only explored about 3 percent of the oceans within us, only recently built upon the fact that the earth isn’t flat and there are thousand and hundreds of stars in the universe. But since we… Read more »

2 years ago

As a religion it is real. Like all religions it plays on the superstitious of which Nigerians are. Be it healing and talking in tongues for Christians faithfuls. To Moslem who makes amulets. In the case of the traditional religions, it is an art form. It works only on people that believe in. How? I will make an example. In the 90s a senior chief and a distant relation had a problem with the former Oba of Benin. One night the head-priest from the Oba palace started doing and invoking with juju in front of the chief’s palace in plain… Read more »

2 years ago

Juju is real. My own stories are not hearsay. I have witnessed it happen 1. If you have been initiated into any cult / confraternity before, you will know that juju is real. As a member of a cult you will have something protecting you. (They call it “Okombo or Odiechi”). Whenever you put it on, no bullet will penetrate your body and also whenever there happens to be a danger, you will have a signal and you will take your next move. NB: I have witnessed it happen. 2. I once had a police case so during that period… Read more »

2 years ago

Juju is real. I have been bewitched before also some members of my family as well. 5 years ago, I lived in the same compound with an old woman who can find out any information with juju.

I have lived with man whom some women decided will never get married because they don’t like him. They bewitched him. When he finally got married at about the age of 55, the marriage broke and he never lived with a woman again the last time I know.

2 years ago

superstitious nonsense! Juju aka Jazz We have been hearing about it but we don’t see it. It is funny how the witches are always seen in the villages but not seen in Abuja which is probably the most foul and corrupt city in Nigeria if not in Africa. I remember hearing stories of how your private parts may go missing if you are touched by using jazz , so we should always make sure you feel for your genitals if someone touches you in a crowded place, up till today I have never seen any of the victims of this… Read more »

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