Ex-religious people, what made you stop going to church or believing?


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2 years ago

I have stopped going to Church for a while now because whenever I go to church to hear the word of God, all I need up hearing is preaching of giving and giving to God in order to be blessed.
I have changed church like 3 times, it’s all the same!
Most churches no longer preach the true word of God, only word of prosperity and blessing.
I miss the true word of God.

2 years ago

It often takes awhile, but some Nigerians have finally figure out that church / praying / religion is the ultimate con game by the game masters called pastors. Pastors will tell you that they know the mind of God and if you don’t do what they say, then you will anger God and lose his protection, blessings and love. So you give money to the church Yet your business fail, your don’t excel in work places, you are always afflicted with illness. You might think the pastors have some explaining to do. They will ‘explain’ it is your own fault(Sin)… Read more »

2 years ago

To me prayer means “God already knows what you need, he just wants to hear you beg for it.” I have decided to use my brain..

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